Media Net Ads Network Review 2022

What is

Media Net Ads Network Review 2020 is among the rapidly growing contextual adverts networks that assist publishers to monetize ad positions on their blogs or websites by showing the relevant keyword tags. Currently, the ads network has a very large base of advertisers who mainly advertise on Bing and Yahoo network. offers the ad spaces for the advertisements. More recently, a Chinese consortium purchased the network for $900 million. In the year 2015, the network had reported $232 million as their profit for the year and spent over $450 million to pay the publishers. Around 90 percent of the company’s earnings are from the United States. It has offices in the Middle East, US and India.

Here’s our review:

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5!

  • What We Like: Low traffic minimum; personal support; intuitive dashboard with real-time reporting, high payouts
  • What We Don’t Like: They’re still relatively new to the scene; often does not monetize as well as AdSense.
  • Support & Contact Information

    • For new inquiries:
    • For existing publishers:

    Publisher Requirements

    • Publisher Terms
    • Traffic Minimum: None.
    • Publisher Language Requirement: Must be primarily English.
    • Prohibited Publisher Content: Adult, Tobacco, Alcohol, Ammunition, Hazardous Substances, Illegal Drugs, Gore, Violence, Gambling, Racism, Hate, Racial Intolerance, Prescription Drugs, Counterfeit Products, Stolen Items.

    Advertisers & Offers

    • Advertising Types: Display.
    • Offer Types: CPC.
    • Verticals: All.
    • Network Size: Unknown.
    • Sampling of Publishers: Unknown. vs Google AdSense

    Google AdSense is the leading ad company while, which has been using Bing and Yahoo! ads, stands at the second position. In other words, AdSense has more users than those you expect on Therefore, you will get higher commissions from than you would get from Google’s AdSense if you are able to generate more relevant audience from some countries like the UK and the US. The main reason you should opt for in place of AdSense relates to the delivery of text-based ads, which are contextually relevant to what your website users are reading. In other words, the chances of getting many clicks on the ads are higher and you will earn more.
  • The program is only available for websites that:

    • Contain content in native English
    • Receive most of their traffic from the UK, USA and Canada.
    • Contains original content
    • Have content that is updated on a regular basis
    • Have a large number of visitors, who use the website
    • Do not infringe third party intellectual property rights
    • Do not include a large number of adverts
    • Have a considerable amount of content
    • Feature navigation-friendly design
  • Creating an Ad Unit: Creating a new ad unit is a simple enough process. Choose an ad size, design layout, and customize colors.
    Then implementing the unit on your site involves simply copying and pasting a few lines of HTML code (Javascript) into your webpage’s source code.
  • Display Ad Unit Sizes Available: 336×280, 300×250, 728×90, 600×250, 160×600, 728×20, 600×120, 468×60, 200×200, 250×250, 120×600, 120×300, 300×600, 160×90, 180×150.

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