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Keyword Revealer Review – What It Offers?


Keyword Revealer is a keyword research tool. It allows you to use a seed topic or keyword to pull potential keywords. You can evaluate each possible keyword according to trends, difficulty score, average figures in SERPS, and more. It can also be used to brainstorm for more effective long-tail keywords and check your keyword rankings on Google.

Keyword research tools are used to help you find low competition keywords. This can save you a lot of time and effort in keyword optimization. They also show you the search volume and other important information, such as SERPs, keyword difficulty, and other data.

Keyword Revealer is divided into three sections. Those are Keyword Research, Rank Tracker, and Keyword Brainstorming.

Changing your search location and language will also change your search results. Changing the search language can change the keyword output that you receive while changing the search location can change the keywords’ average monthly searches.
The results page will display information in the following categories:
  • MSV ( the number of Average Monthly Searches)
  • Volume Trends (for last 12 months)
  • CPC (the approximate Cost Per Click)
  • Profit (Potential Monthly Earnings that can be gained from Ad Clicks)
  • Words (Number of words)
  • Domain (Exact Domain Match Availability)
  • Difficulty (This is the difficulty ranking of the keyword. The lower the score, the better)
The default setting will only show ten results. This prevents users from feeling overwhelmed by seeing a lot of data on their screen. If you’d like to see more results, all you need to do is to change the setup. You can accomplish this by using the drop-down menu that’s right underneath the “Filter” button.
Keyword Revealer can be used to research keywords in two ways: traditional keyword-based research and competitor-based research.
After you’ve logged in to your account, you can search using your seed keyword for your website’s top niche or topic. You can narrow your search results by selecting the Google database of the particular country that you want to receive keywords from.
This is great for improving search engine optimization in your country. You can also choose the language of your search query to yield more targeted results.
If you want to know what keywords your competitors are using, you can reverse-engineer your search. Type in the URL for your competitor’s website and hit “Search.” This will show you what keywords your competition ranks for.
For your searched seed keyword, you will get keyword ideas. For each keyword idea, you can see typical keyword information such as cost per click (for PPC ads) and monthly volume (for organic keyword research). Keyword Revealer also has a Profit column. This section will show you how much revenue you could potentially earn from ad units by ranking at the top for a chosen keyword.

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