Best Free Keyword Research Tool 2022

Top 10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools 2020

Free Keyword Research Tool 2020 – Protipshub
It has been one of the most favorite keyword research tools. It’s not only the best for the beginners but being a pro too, you may continue this too to generate your content and grow it higher.

2.  KWFinder Free version (5 free searches daily)

Anyone who uses KW Finder for keyword research is sure to fall in love with it. It lets you choose the seed keyword according to your requirement and then select the target country and location.
If you are looking for a keyword research tool that lets you extract most of the information about a particular seed keyword, Ubersuggest is surely the one for you! is one of the best free keyword research tools in the market that helps you pick the most relevant keywords to connect with your audience.

5. Keyword revealer (daily 3 free searches)

Finding the right keywords combination is often a difficult task, however, Keyword revealer is here to make it easier for you.

6. Answer The Public 

This search query data visualization tool lets you find the relevant keywords quite easily, thus, helping you to find a keyword with a lower difficulty and a higher search volume.

If you are looking forward to find new and relevant keywords from Yahoo, Google, eBay and Bing or any other search engines, will surely be the best one for you to help find free keywords instantly.
Keyword research can be a real hectic task. However, WordStream makes things faster and easier for you.
This keyword research tool filters all the related keywords just as you mention the primary or main keyword in the search bar. This is regarded as the best free SEO tool to generate the Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.

10. SERPStat (free)

This Ukrainian website is known as one of the best SEO service providing tools for keyword research and backlink analysis.
11. Keywords Everywhere
Keywords Everywhere is also among the best free keyword research tools. Unlike other tools, it is an add-on for Chrome and Firefox browsers, which displays keyword analysis on the go in websites like Google, Amazon, Answer The Public, eBay, Youtube, Bing, and other keyword tools/search engines. It typically displays these details about keywords:
12. Wordtracker
Scout Yet another useful keyword research extension Wortracker Scout is like an analysis tool for websites. You just have to visit website and check the data the extension provides.
13. Google Correlate
Google Correlate is a free tool that finds search patterns that match real-world trends. After entering the search phrase, you will see ten results, and not all of them will contain the exact thing you entered. Some of the generated keywords might seem unrelated, but do not hurry. After performing a couple of searches, you might find an audience that is looking for quite the same thing you suggest.
14. SEOquake
SEOquake is one of the best Chrome SEO tools to analyze any webpage. It doesn’t show keyword search volumes, but you can get a keyword difficulty score instantly. This is one of the best Chrome Extensions for the overall SEO task.
15. Keywords Nowhere
Keywords Nowhere is another free alternative to keywords everywhere. It shows keyword search volume, CPC, and competition like keyword everywhere does. You need to sign up with your email to see search volume, and it only shows the main keyword search volume.

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